Membership Tiers


regular Member: Brewery or Brewpub

A brewing organization that brews common brands, names and formulas at a brewing facility in Oklahoma at which the organization owns a majority interest. If there is more than one brewing organization involved in a brewing facility, the one holding a majority interest is eligible for regular membership. All regular members must hold a TTB issued Brewer’s Notice. The brewery must qualify for the Federal Excise Tax exemption applicable to brewers producing no more than 2 million barrels of product per year.


Associate Member: Brewery-in-planning or contract brewer

A contract brewing organization that has beer produced at a brewing facility in Oklahoma or an organization planning to become a contract brewing organization or a brewing organization in Oklahoma. In the case of a contract brewing organization in planning or brewing organization in planning, such membership shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Allied Trade Partner

For companies that directly support the Oklahoma craft beer industry by providing goods and services to our member brewers (malt suppliers, glass suppliers, equipment manufacturers, financial services, etc.)


Retail Partner

For businesses that sell Oklahoma craft beer to the public (liquor stores, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.)


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